Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bamboo velour dyeing

Its been a mega busy couple of weeks whilst the website has been updated, it should be opening up soon - hopefully sometime next week.
To celebrate the new look there will be a HUGE SALE!!!!! More info coming soon.
For the moment though:
I had a dyeing day testing out some different techniques and this is what i got. Each piece is approx 1m long and are up for sale in the new shop

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My first effort at hand spinning!

I used a turkish hand spindle and dyed up some lovely BFL tops. I did a girly lot and a boy lot.

Here are the little boy tops:

and the little boy hand spun yarn (1 ply):

The little girl tops:

and the little girl hand spun yarn (1 ply):

................and now I am trying to decide as to whether to put the two together to form a bulky 2 ply yarn, but I am concerned that the blues may drown the subtle girly colours - oh decisions decisions!
Also this week are some newly dyed yarns:
Banoffee on merino DK:

Olivia beta on merino aran (a revamped version of the original olivia)

Anyway, back to the knitting! :)