Monday, 17 May 2010

Interlock testers

Here i will keep a list of the interlock testers and the status of their items :)

Tory - xl blue soaker - done, paid and posted :)

Liz (mp)- xxl blue/chocolate trim crops - 24.5"h, 20"r, 8.5"il - fabric drying
Freyasmummy - small soaker - awaiting colour/measurements
Jenna - xl bright green crops - 22h, 19r, 5.5
Rebekah's xxl pink soaker (mp)- 21w, 26"hips, 20" rise
Grace's xl purple longies (mp)- 18w, 21"h, 18"r, 9"il
Jo (mp) -green boys shorts - 161/2"w, 22 1/2"h, 17"r, 12-13il
Jo (mp) - purple girlie soaker - 12"w, 16"h, 13"r
Mummyme - shorts - awaiting colour/measurements
Mich (mp) - large boys shorts 15w, 19.5h, 17"r , thigh 9.5, 5il
cecily (mp)-green or blue boys xxl longies 26" h, 20" r, 20"w, 10" il
Emily - boy blue or green crops 20"R, 23"h, 10.5"il
Liz (MP DSB)-
saskia - pink/grey girly longies - 22h,19r, 7.5il
kelly -pink purple crops = 19.5h, 16r, 8.5il to ankle(so crops to 6)
Annika - small soaker