Monday, 17 May 2010

Interlock testers

Here i will keep a list of the interlock testers and the status of their items :)

Tory - xl blue soaker - done, paid and posted :)

Liz (mp)- xxl blue/chocolate trim crops - 24.5"h, 20"r, 8.5"il - fabric drying
Freyasmummy - small soaker - awaiting colour/measurements
Jenna - xl bright green crops - 22h, 19r, 5.5
Rebekah's xxl pink soaker (mp)- 21w, 26"hips, 20" rise
Grace's xl purple longies (mp)- 18w, 21"h, 18"r, 9"il
Jo (mp) -green boys shorts - 161/2"w, 22 1/2"h, 17"r, 12-13il
Jo (mp) - purple girlie soaker - 12"w, 16"h, 13"r
Mummyme - shorts - awaiting colour/measurements
Mich (mp) - large boys shorts 15w, 19.5h, 17"r , thigh 9.5, 5il
cecily (mp)-green or blue boys xxl longies 26" h, 20" r, 20"w, 10" il
Emily - boy blue or green crops 20"R, 23"h, 10.5"il
Liz (MP DSB)-
saskia - pink/grey girly longies - 22h,19r, 7.5il
kelly -pink purple crops = 19.5h, 16r, 8.5il to ankle(so crops to 6)
Annika - small soaker

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just a quick update!

Firstly to show a pic of the Lush Tush 'New Look' colourway on merino aran. All orders will be entered into a draw to win 200g of this luscious yarn (closing date of 3rd May).As it has been so long since I have done a blog update there is a lot of pics! We have a number of new scrummy yarns on BFL/ Merino and also Cestari Merino:

The sock yarns:

The double knit weight yarns:

The aran/worsted weight yarns :

Next off a few of the knits completed over the past few weeks:
Custom board shorts for Samantha on our sun, sea and sands colourway

Custom purple ooga crops for Victoria

Custom ultra flared skirtie for Michelle

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bamboo dyeing day!

Ive had great fun this weekend dyeing up some bamboo velour fabric:

These are already claimed but there are custom dyeing slots on my website

I have also bee really busy dyeing up all knids of yarns..... photos coming very soon!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

New Instock woollies!

They will be available to buy next week and will be at BARGAIN prices in our 'NEW LOOK SALE' !!

Blue liquorice XL longies: Fiery longies XL

Pinky blue stripey soaker Medium

Blue sundae soaker (XL)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bamboo velour dyeing

Its been a mega busy couple of weeks whilst the website has been updated, it should be opening up soon - hopefully sometime next week.
To celebrate the new look there will be a HUGE SALE!!!!! More info coming soon.
For the moment though:
I had a dyeing day testing out some different techniques and this is what i got. Each piece is approx 1m long and are up for sale in the new shop

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My first effort at hand spinning!

I used a turkish hand spindle and dyed up some lovely BFL tops. I did a girly lot and a boy lot.

Here are the little boy tops:

and the little boy hand spun yarn (1 ply):

The little girl tops:

and the little girl hand spun yarn (1 ply):

................and now I am trying to decide as to whether to put the two together to form a bulky 2 ply yarn, but I am concerned that the blues may drown the subtle girly colours - oh decisions decisions!
Also this week are some newly dyed yarns:
Banoffee on merino DK:

Olivia beta on merino aran (a revamped version of the original olivia)

Anyway, back to the knitting! :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Items currently on the needles:

Purple rainbow medium longies:

Blue sundae medium cable longies:

Blue sundae XL soaker:
Yarn for the shop:

as yet un named on BFL aran

as yet un named on Merino sock:

Blackberries and Raspberries on Merino DK

With a twist of cranberry on Merino sock:

Sun, sea and sand on Merino DK

Finished and ready for the shop: