Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cutting away

For the past few days I have been cutting lots of fabric - I have mountains of it now waiting to be sewn up. So many different colours and prints! Im waiting on some wool to be delivered, once that is here then I can start crocheting some skirties and so hopefully they will be on the 'Lush Tush' site soon.

I guess the effect of all the planning, organising the site and work is taking its effect on me. This morning Nick left me to lie in whilst he looked after Ethan. He had to wake me up at midday! I have never slept so heavily (since Ethan was born anyway!)

Anyway back to work for the moment

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

another day, a few more jobs done

Well things are moving on. Today was the first day that http://www.lushtush.co.uk/ can be found on google. Yeah! Now I just need to promote it various places. Anyone who wishes to help would be gratefully appreciated!

This weekend I met up with my mum (a lot of woolly discussions which I wont bore you with) and her knitting efforts are amazing! All the time we were talking away she was clicking away quietly (I say quietly because bamboo needles really dont make that much noise). The problem is that every item she knits I want to keep for us! Ethan just doesnt have enough pairs of our gorgeous longies - he definately needs more!

More fabric arrived today - Its the first time i have had the chance too but I uploaded photos to our photo gallery www.flickr.com/photos/lushtush I also added another pair of jade-green shorties size small - (see above) arent they cute!
Hopefully I shall be uploading pictures of my nappies soon - there just seem to be so many things to be done!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

How Lush Tush came to be!

This is the start of my nappy dreams.

My first nappies were microfibre fitteds (Totsbots). I bought them because they were cheap and were advertised as 'quick drying'.

I bought 10 of them and soon realised that they were not going to work for us. They were lovely and soft but they were so bulky and poor ethan looked like very uncomfortable whether lying down or sitting up.

As I couldnt afford to buy any more I decided I would try making some instead, so I bought some microfibre towels from the poundland (!!!!) and persuaded my mom to help me. One month later I had approximately 20 pocket nappies which certainly did the job well enough and a few covers.

After constant use though they started to pong quite a bit and so after researching about nappy care I realised that they needed to be stripped ( a term referring to removing all the contaminants from the nappy). I tried everything in the book, and they still smelled. At that point I bought a bamboo fitted (Tots bots bamboozle), and fell in love with bamboo. The stuff never smelt and was incredibly soft compared to my home made microfibre ones. For us though this brand was not the perfect nappy, not being absorbent enough.

By this time I had done my research and come across some gorgeous nappies out there. I tried a few and realised I needed to develop my own nappy 'perfect for us'. I developed it with the idea that it could be used from an early age but still fit my big chunk of a baby boy (currently weighing 27lbs), be funky, practical, easily washable, seriously absorbent and quick drying.

........................and so came the Lush Tush nappy.

I wanted to make this nappy available to others and so decided to set up the website www.lushtush.co.uk.